special needs

Body Language

It is brisk out..The cold air always seems to breathe on my neck. I find myself going with the Katherine Hepburn look these days in the mountains. Turtle neck sweaters. They keep me warm and then fleece is extra added protection. The oak leaves are falling and as I walked back from our mailbox it was a pretty sight to see them catching air. For now I am reminiscing about a place we visited recently.


kk_oct22set1It certainly had the Harvest theme going on

There was a wonderful display of pumpkins and gourds of every kind. Wonderful selections of fruit and vegetables, baked goods, and more. I opted for ice cream and hubby, corn on the cob. As we sat and indulged, I had noticed a group of adults. By their appearance I noticed that they were adults with special needs. It took me back to the years as a special education teacher’s aide. I determined who the supervisor was. My heart-strings are always tugged at when encountering those that are challenged. But it was a special outing for them and I was happy that they could be at such a colorful place and take in the beauty of the day. They were a silent group. I only heard the voice of the one in charge. So many people live in silence. It made me think about even those that are able to communicate choose not to. Afraid to speak and offend, afraid to speak the truth of what may be gnawing on their minds. Can you imagine being in a place where you no longer could express your thoughts and communicate. And here these dear souls cannot say I need a belt, my pants are falling down…Can you please zip up my pants…will you help me. Heart wrenching it is for me. And here we are healthy and able and yet, maybe unable to speak. What we don’t hear we may see in body language.

This character had no problem communicating his thoughts

DSCN3275In a matter of minutes he shared a short-termed bond with my husband

They need extra eyes to see, ears to hear what they cannot say. Patience and a compassionate and caring heart.