highway 38

Highway 38 and Nice Mellow Song

This will give you and idea of what I see as I drive Highway 38 here in Southern, California. The Yucca plants are in bloom and the bush is something I am not familiar with. I noticed the pretty color and stopped to get a closer look at it. . It is very spiny.

I had not listened to the music of Colin Hay until recently. I heard it on someone’s blog. I really like this song. It makes me think of someone that’s waiting to live life to the fullestĀ  when things get better. So kind of like waiting for that ship to come in..maybe money will come, maybe that special someone to make things better. We can lose out on enjoying life while waiting. I have been there and am learning to make the most of each day. Some days I don’t and may regret it but am thankful to have another opportunity the next morning.. I have been writing to an inmate for several years. She is getting released after nine years of being incarcerated. I have been thinking of her a lot since I received her last letter. I thought if I could paint her a picture of life in our world what would it be? The freedom to make healthy choices. Life will always present it’s challenges but we learn from our mistakes and move on…