Garden of Eatin

Often being at the right place at the right time has its benefits. We drove to see if there were any Trout in the river. While there, a man who my husband met, gave us permission to pick apples. It was a pretty  orchard. It made me think about the Garden of Eden. Some of the trees had beautiful apples dangling,  just waiting, for someone to pick them. We were delighted for the opportunity to do so.

Because it was a very cool day I thought baking. I also thought about Applesauce and Apple-butter.

I knew that I was going to have to look up recipes.


Today, Natalie at Mother Goose Smiles shared a yummy sounding recipe for an Apple Salad she made recently.It sounds perfect for the approaching holidays. Unfortunately she has developed an allergic reaction to apples and so is not able to enjoy this salad. Thank you.. Mother Goose, I will be thinking of you as I eat it…