Show and Tell

Earlier, something triggered the memory of being in elementary school and one of my teachers gave us an opportunity to bring something each week and tell our class about it. It  conjured up the thought of innocence of childhood in the fifties. Riding bikes, roller skating with metal skates, jacks, pick-up-sticks, jump rope, metal lunch pails, trading cards, Howdy Doody, the Mouseketeers, Lassie, Captain Kangaroo, The Little Rascals etc. Days have changed and there is the promotion of much that I feel children should not have to be exposed to at their young age. Not to say that there were not issues in family households and with the world back then…but still, my thoughts linger on my Roy Rogers and Dale Evans lunch pail, enclosed with a tuna sandwich and small bag of Fritos. Now, those were the days my friends.