road trip

A Charming Town

On New Years Day, the sun was shining after days of rain. We decided to drive to the coastal town of Florence, Oregon, that is.


Despite the wind, people were out and about braving the cold weather. Our main focus was food. A certain restaurant had been recommended to us, but it was very busy, and didn’t have a table available.


We decided to give this place a try and I am so glad that we did, because my sandwich was delicious and so was Mr. G’s clam chowder.



After we ate, I walked around a bit, bought a jar of olives and then I found my way to a cute gift shop and purchased a journal. It is unlined and maybe meant to be used to draw in, but it appealed to me, so I will see how it works out.DSCN2847

It is the one on the right hand side. Here are some other paper treasures to start me off on the right track. I know there are other journaling enthusiasts here at WordPress, who have shared their new journals and also new devotionals. We ladies are easy to please, would you not agree? Lol! My focus this New Year is to Simplify and to commit to more Prayer time in my day. Today we woke up to snow. I was so excited, but it barely covered the ground. I am hopeful that we will get more… ps if anyone is interested, this cute B&B is for sale..



road trip


We had quite a full day of driving to the high desert and back yesterday. Much of what we drove through is desolate but the highway is heavily¬† used for truckers and other travelers. I will share this brief glimpse of what we saw.. If you are acquainted with the desert lifestyle you may be¬† familiar with housing and the types of artifacts that are seen and used as yard-art. This was in front of an antique store we stopped at…there will be more to come..Welcome to Kramer Junction