Inner Grumbling

Earlier this morning, I began to tidy up our home, knowing that, we were going to have a visitor stop by later in the day. We have four cats and live in a small home and so we have resorted to keeping the cat litter box out in the garage. Therefore a door is left open, so they can get in and out easily. Most days there is cat litter residue, fur, cat kibble to be found on the floor and if they venture outside to the back yard, they will often return with either wet or muddy paws. Yes, they leave small paw prints but with when they dry, there are a lot of little prints to clean up after. They haven’t figured out that they can wipe their little paws on the small rug by the door.  As I tugged on our heavy vacuum cleaner,  I began grumbling within and fretting about the chore ahead of me. The more I grumbled, all of a sudden I heard, “a dirty floor is the least of your problems.” I was gently reminded that I was making a mountain out of a mole hill attitude.

DSCN4597One of our furry friends can do no wrong in my eyes. When I am gloomy in thought she always brightens my day with her sweet personality and cat antics.

DSCN4580Cats do not complain or grumble, just give them something comfy to lay on and they are usually content..

DSCN4579Ally, has claimed this blanket, that was given to my husband at the hospital, as her own. I continue to learn life’s lessons from our furry friends.