a splash of color

The World is a Rainbow

I am going out on a limb tonight, and have made a quick decision to participate in this writing, challenge.I am not a skilled writer but I am learning to express myself with words. The Daily Post at WordPress is offering this challenge, A Splash of Color.  So, here I go. In the late 80’s I was a teacher’s aide that assisted with special needs children. I did that for eight years. I still remember their little faces like it was just yesterday. One of my most favorite part of the day while working with the younger children was morning circle. I would set the chairs up in a half-circle. As they filtered into the classroom they knew the routine of putting back-packs in their cubby and then to sit down on one of the chairs. Happy faces are what I saw and I learned many lessons from the children. I often saw determination and joy from accomplishing something that was difficult.  Music is a vital tool for so many reasons. I think all people of the universe love music. It brings harmony, healing and fun to our world and a means of expression. There is much about our world that is wrong and unfair and not desirable. This brings to me thoughts of a song we would sing, The World is a Rainbow. There were several renditions of this. I think the teacher did an excellent job of teaching them sign language. To me this sweet song reminds me of how important each of us are to the world and to each other. We are all meant to be a colorful contribution to the world. With that comes responsibility, to respect one another, to protect, to extend compassion and kindness. And above all to love one another and to treat with dignity and the list goes on. Some people may feel they are colorless due to discouragement, depression and personal struggle. They have not yet learned that they are a unique individual and meant to be an important contributor in the beautiful tapestry of life in this land of the living.

Children need role models. Healthy, minded individuals that will train, teach and inspire. With all us working together we can help each other become a little brighter no matter what color we are. We all have a right to dream, to wish and aspire to do great things.. At this time in my life you can color me Blue. I am on a blue frenzy right now. I love the calming effect that it has on me whether it be the sky or water. It speaks to my soul and says peace..